tisdag 14 januari 2014

Soled socks

I made these tiny needlebound socks for my son out of scrap yarns from the thriftshop, a small bag of plant dyed leftovers that had been sitting around since the 70's according to the labels still attached to them, with notes on the respective plants used. Some little old lady did this a long time ago, and I wish I could have told her that her work would finally result in a finished piece of work.

For Battle of Wisby 2013, my son borrowed a pair of shoes but ended up wearing these (or going barefoot) most of the time. I picked one of the soles from his everyday trainers (size 22) and traced them on the leather, then cut with kitchen scissors (this IS the orc variety). If you are as new to this as I am, don't forget to flip either the pattern sole or the leather itself to make one left and one right sole. I forgot, ending up with two left soles at first.

Since I am super lazy, I just used a hole puncher to make the holes around the edge of the sole, winging the distance between them. They are attached to the sock with waxed, double linen thread, no fuss. I greased the soles to keep the damp out, and then cheated hideously by spraying the upper part of the socks with waterproofer. Works, kind of. The good thing is that these are easy (and cheap) enough to make that I can keep up and make new ones almost every season if I have to. I'll make another pair for myself.

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