torsdag 6 februari 2014

Wedding gifts

These socks are for a friend and his son, part of a wedding gift for the whole family (the wife/mother got the frilled veil I wrote of a while ago). It's been a while since I made an effort to learn something new within needlebinding, but I have been surfing the wonderful resources online, such as the mindblowingly extensive Neulakintaat, the inspirational Facebook group Nålbindning, and Mervi's fantastic blog, in particular this post on how to make socks, in combination with this tutorial on how to make the round start she mentions. The round start is also explained here. I think I will try that for a while now, instead of the flat start I usually make. As you can see above, it has a tendency to twist even if the stitch itself isn't particularly problematic that way, but with long flat starts it still corkscrews away a little. The pale pink borders on the small socks are plant dyed with elderberry.

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