lördag 1 februari 2014

The problem solver

In March, I will attend the opening of an exhibition at Historiska Museet in Stockholm, focused on the Battle of Wisby. My son has grown. My daughter has no reenactment clothes AT ALL. My mum is coming with me, geared up like the rest of us. I have tons of other work to do before it's time, and practically no time for making new stuff. Start the panic...

Maria came to the rescue as my problem solver and sent me a huge package in the mail - with an undertunic, a woolen tunic for my two-year old, and a pair of needlebound mittens that I once made myself - for her son, who is a couple of years older than mine. Thank you, sweetie!

The undertunic is PERFECT. I will use it to make a new pattern for a tiny, tiny cotehardie since the one enclosed in the mail was too small, and it will take only a tiny bit more work to make a new one from scratch than to adjust for a larger size. Mittens are neat to have at all times and in any case, and right now these are a particularly snug fit.

Actually, they were so popular
that he wore them for battle practice.
This means I still have to make a woolen tunic for my son, and an undertunic and woolen tunic for my daughter. Thank God we'll be indoors - the whole shebang with warm winter clothes for the little ones would be simply too much right now. Normally I would look forward to this kind of project, but these days there is NO time and NO energy left. Better get to it.

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