onsdag 15 januari 2014

Socks, in passing

Some UFOs receive less love than they deserve. There's nothing particularly wrong about these socks, other than the fact that they're such an early product that I misjudged the amount of yarn needed to finish them. By now I'm not even sure that I want them and I most certainly don't need them, but they make a fairly easy UFO to get rid of and are just too ugly to give away to some unsuspecting victim/recipient.

Like many other items in my yarn stash, this brown ball came with a back story that I have completely forgotten by now, despite my best intentions. It might be a plant dyed specimen from Maria. For some reason I had trouble finding another yarn of matching thickness, but at the fourth attempt found some handspun that might be some if the first I ever made. It's full of twist-locked slubs and rather uneven, but it'll do. The color combo makes me think of gingerbread. 

This is the season of crappy mobile pics - it's just too damn dark to get decent photos. At least we have electricity: in the Middle Ages you could spend an entire winter crafting in the dark and then you had to wait until spring to be able to actually see what you had made... So, surprise! Eh. 

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