torsdag 2 januari 2014

Paved with good intentions

For this year I've made a few feeble resolutions - mostly concerning what I should and shouldn't do regarding my fiber stash. One of them is to try and blog more about the stuff I've actually done, and I've decided to incorporate a few knitting and crochet projects in this blog as well. I don't want to start another blog dedicated to modern crafts, but I hope this addition doesn't scare away any of you hardcore wool nerds. Embrace the acrylic! Just, eh, not while reenacting. 

The rest of my list reads as follows:

 - I want to finish all my UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I think there are maybe five yarn-related ones and maybe ten or fifteen reenactment projects that deserve looking into. I had a very liberating experience going through my unfinished knitting and crochet projects, ripping/frogging some, reclaiming supposedly lost hooks and needles (and a wealth of tiny scissors), and even throwing a few sad, frustrating projects away (don't try to make large lace shawls in fuzzy yarn with plenty of halo).

- I want to try and shop my stash instead of expanding my hoarded materials. I have two excuses for simply hoarding rather than using up my stuff: I'm waiting to shrink a little more after my last pregnancy, and I want to make a new dress pattern. I've been making the same one for about five years now and I'm a bit tired of it. Making a new pattern is another of my resolutions.

 - I need to spin a total of at least one whole sheep this year. The herd in my closet have already reached their maximum amount. I can hear them bleating. Spin us! Spihihihihihihihn ussss! I got new spindles. I got materials for MAKING new spindles (coming up). I just need to get behind the mule. 

 - I will (should, really) not accept any more swap assignments or paid work before I've delivered ALL items previously promised to other people. And I would do well to actually make some stuff for myself before I take on more orders for others. 

- I will sell or donate any leftover second-best things I still have, in case I make new and better things that replace them well enough. (And certainly not bring these second-best things with me to camp and scatter them all over the place to make it look more like the exploded wardrobe of a runaway circus).

This is one of my recently finished crochet UFOs, a stashbuster version of Eva's shawl which I've made several versions of. The pattern is easy and frustration-free even for a choleric beginner like me. Here's the Ravelry link.

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