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Kruseler - frilled veils

Why, History, why??
 Wearing medieval clothes takes some getting used to. After a while you ease into it, and I must say by now I really enjoy it not least because of the practical aspects. The veil in particular took me a lot of time to accept, though. Both for aesthetic and political reasons. In all fairness, everyone is made to suffer silly headwear in this hobby, and it makes me feel a whole lot better that the coif makes the guys look like village idiots across the board, not to mention the various felted hats (except Florian's) which all remind me of a certain rather offensive part of the male anatomy. But mainly the idea of displaying your face in what I consider to be a very unflattering way made me dislike the veil for the longest time, particularly in combination with the neck piece some of us wear with the veil itself.

Now, to up the ante: The frilled veil demands a whole new level of acceptance in the I Look Like An Idiot Department. Everyone else seems to pull theirs off beautifully, so I guess it't mostly in my head, but still...

I have seen and admired the wonderful, painstakingly counted and crafted honeycomb-type frills out there, especially those of Isis, of course. But I've resorted to the easier, unstructured version with a pleated strip of fabric mounted on a plain veil - I just don't have the patience to do it properly. This one, below, is for a friend, and also happens to be one of my UFOs.

A heap of Civil War bandages?
Since the frills I've made so far are completely detachable, I could theoretically change the plain veil part (or use the frill as a close-range weapon - the starch is really something!) but yeah, that will happen...

I asked for some hints regarding the starching process, (also, read the instructions in the box) and since I'm writing this for other nervous n00bs, I thought I'd share. Maria told me this: if you're letting the veil dry flat on a table, leave the frills hanging over the edge to avoid flattening on one side. Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process, after shaping the folds with your fingers. The Verda starch I'm using has an adorable 50's packaging, and I should have been content to use the two-teaspoon mix instead of eight. The length of frills can be used to kill people, I swear. It feels more like trying to wrap a two-foot board around your face than wearing at item actually intended to be a piece of clothing.

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