tisdag 17 september 2013

Wool and inertia

Just a short notice to prove that I am alive, sort of. After Visby this year I was just too pregnant to exist and really crashed, and as soon as I had cleaned and squared my gear away, there was no more energy to do wool stuff. I fell to making acrylic crochet blankets, my no-brainer go-to when inspiration runs out. But I have too much wool which will go bad sooner or later, so I had better get to it and start spinning.

To the left, my default spindle and a freshly started cop of barely decent one-ply (soon to be two-ply in combination with the ball on the right). In the middle; a  small amount of test yarn from a blackish brown sheep whose fleece is so dry by now that it reminds me more of pubic hair than anything else...yuck. It will take a small amount of self-persuasion to work through that batch. It must have sat for quite a while before it came to my house. But I shrink from the idea of throwing it away. 

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