tisdag 6 juli 2010

Post-event Crafting Peak

I'm never as eager to make stuff as immediately after an event. Nothing makes you realize what you need like not having it for a few days. And other people's things have a way of making you jealous and inspired.

From left: Yours truly in BADLY pinned veil, tit crack and severe concentration.
Then, Chef and Cinnamon Roll #1.

Sometimes, all I need to do is flip through other people's pictures after a weekend in the field, and right away I go Oooh and Aaah over a nicely pinned veil or a cosy surcote. But the actual kick to produce arises mainly from sheer need in my case. I make an emergency version of whatever it is that I lack, (rarely the same things I thought I would lack) and then use them until I have made a better one, less hurried version.

what is it you will miss?

  • Towels. Plenty of them, preferably washed a couple of times so they actually absorb something.
  • Handkerchiefs. Your nose will run if you are even remotely human. Blow it in style.
  • Something warm to wear. "Oh, wool is so damn warm" you whine at noon, but in the evening you will be shamefully huddled under the company coat since you don't have a surcote, lined with rabbit fur. Oh yes you will huddle.
  • Baskets. You can never have too many baskets. And eventually you will get sick of hiding your IKEA bag under an army blanket at the back of the tent.
  • A jug. You cute little clay cup will be worth squat if the sun is hot, and who can be bothered to fetch water all the time?
  • A chest that doubles as a chair. It sucks to sit on the ground all day, and you don't want to steal anyone else's seat either. A chest was definitely not the first thing I thought I would need, but they are The Shit once you've lugged them into place.
And what is it that you THINK you need, but will do perfectly well without?

  • A knife. You don't need a knife, you need a pair of scissors. Hardly any of the food we eat requires a knife, and if you plan to do any crafting, go for a pair of small scissors instead.
  • Socks. Nah. Who needs socks? You either go barefoot, or you wear hose. Or you wear your shoes, with no socks in them. Only at night, when the tent is freezing, you're happy about those thigh high needlebound miracles that took you sixty hours to complete, and will probably have a hole in them in a couple of months...
  • Authentic sewing needles. Why, you say? Because they often suck.
    I am yet to find kosher needles that work, except maybe these. Most others, especially those made from bone, you can just forget about, since they tend to be much too thick. Maybe you could stitch gauze or felt with them, but that's probably about it. Hints and tips will be gratefully accepted here. But then again, needles are tiny things, and hardly anyone will see what's in your hand. Like with so many other things, it comes down to the fact that you know whether they are they are kosher or not, even if they don't show. And that's often the important thing, regardless of what you choose.
  • Underwear. I know that most guys in our gunner company wear boxers under their breeches. The lack of archaeological finds makes any medieval panties completely hypothetic. You either skip undies altogether, or (unless you enjoy sitting bare-arsed inside your shift and digging it out of your crack every now and then) you wear an ordinary pair of modern panties underneath. Yay!

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  1. Jag tror du har fel. Jag tror de flesta killar i AB inte har kalsing under. Vi kanske ska göra en poll på forumet? /mäster